Is ISBM degree valid? Let us find out

Despite a number of questions being raised in the past regarding the credibility of the institute, ISBM has continued offering distance short term study programs to students in India. If you too are thinking of pursuing a correspondence course in management, ISBM is the best place for you. Here are a few reasons which will help you find, is ISBM degree valid?

  • ISBM offers a comprehensive study program that gives students a wider understanding of business, marketing, human resource, finance, team management, leadership among the many. These are the key elements essential in the functioning of any organization and one needs to have an expertise in either of the one to secure a reputable designation in an organization.
  • Students are exposed to technical knowledge, practical knowledge and various skills by giving them placement opportunities and on job training. Apart from theoretical knowledge, having a practical experience of dealing with the things that take place in big organizations is also necessary. When a student is a part of an on job training, he gets to explore all the various aspects regarding the functioning of a company.
  • The curriculum for all the courses offered by ISBM is research based and prepares the student to meet all the criteria set by most of the employers. Research oriented study programs are designed to provide the student with complete expertise in any specialization that he/she chooses.
  • Unlike the regular courses, an online course, especially the one pursued from ISBM would cover a wide array of topics with the means of online tutorials, videos, articles, blogs, and a lot more. Students can actively participate in debates, workshops, seminars, etc. held by the expert faculty. Such sessions are arranged so that students can put forward their thoughts and also get a chance to clear their doubts, (is ISBM degree valid) if any.
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